Isaac Asimov

by Frank Gullo

Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992), was the author of the speculative fiction classic Foundation Series, and hundreds of other books, spanning nearly every subject, from fiction to science to history to humor.

I first began reading Asimov as a boy, probably when I was in second or third grade. A friend of mine from down the block introduced me to Asimov's The Complete Robot, and I was instantly hooked. I remember excitedly reading about robot playmates, robot detectives, mind-reading robots, and even robots who looked and acted just like humans.

Eventually, I moved on to Asimov's speculative fiction novels, including his robot, galactic empire, and Foundation novels. These books, especially the Foundation and Robot novels, were profound influences on me and helped shaped my literary preferences. To this day, I still avidly read speculative fiction and enjoy that genre above all other forms of literature.

I'm proud to profile Isaac Asimov on RAVENWEB.NET and heartily recommend his speculative fiction to anyone with an interest in the genre.

Frank Gullo
March, 2006