Serena Williams

by Frank Gullo

Born in 1981, Serena Williams, along with her older sister Venus, emerged as as formidable tennis professional in the late 1990s. Serena's game is distinguished by her powerful groundstrokes and booming serves.

Serena's major tennis accomplishments include six Grand Slam tournaments, including the 1999 and 2002 U.S. Open, 2002 French Open, 2002 and 2003 Wimbledon, and the 2003 Australian Open.

Beyond tennis, Serena has consistently sought out new venues, and has worked in fashion and television and an Art degree.

Recently, Serena, in collaboration with Venus, completed an informational guide for young girls entitled Venus & Serena: Serving from the Hip: Ten Rules for Living, Loving, and Winning. The text give girls advice on everyday living, with practical rules for success that include building a "dream team", doing well in school, learning self-respect, valuing friendships, taking care of yourself emotionally and physically, obtaining financial security, and overcoming setbacks.

RAVENWEB acknowledges Serena Williams and her successes and feels that she is a wonderful contemporary role model for young women.

Frank Gullo
July, 2005